Book Review – 4-Hour Work Week

4-Hour Work Week Summary:  The 4-Hour Work Week has a very clear goal – to allow the reader to only work four hours a week managing their business. The book is able to give detailed strategies for the reader to minimize their involvement in their business by implementing automated strategies to achieve this goal.

Title:  4-Hour Work Week

Author: Tim Ferris 

Publisher: Ebury Publishing                      

Date Published: 2013

Subject: Financial Self Help

Pages: 416

About the author: Apart from being an absolute genius, Tim is an American podcaster, author, entrepreneur and investor.  I would say he comes across as being very peculiar, as his intelligence level is through the roof.  His background is in East Asian studies and graduated from Princeton University.  Tim has written The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body, The 4-Hour Chef, Tools of Titans, and Tribe of Mentors.

4-Hour Work Week PDF: No this book is not available for free download, you will be required to purchase the book.

Chapter Layout:

Step I: D is for Definition

Chapter 1 – Cautions and Comparisons: How to Burn $1,000,000 a Night

Chapter 2 – Rules That Change the Rules: Everything Popular is Wrong

Chapter 3 – Dodging Bullets: Fear-setting and Escaping Paralysis

Chapter 4 – System Reset: Being Unreasonable and Unambiguous

Step II: E is for Elimination

Chapter 5 – The End of Time Management: Illusions and Italians

Chapter 6 – The Low-Information Diet: Cultivating Selective Ignorance

Chapter 7 – Interrupting Interruption and the Art of Refusal

Step III: A is for Automation

Chapter 8 – Outsourcing Life: Offloading the Rest and a Taste of Geoarbitrage

Chapter 9 – Income Autopilot I: Finding the Muse

Chapter 10 – Income Autopilot II: Testing the Muse

Chapter 11 – Income Autopilot III: MBA-Management By Absence

Step IV: L is for Liberation

Chapter 12 – Disappearing Act: How to Escape the Office

Chapter 13 – Beyond Repair: Killing Your Job 

Chapter 14 – Mini-Retirements: Embracing the Mobile Lifestyle

Chapter 15 – Filling the Void: Adding Life After Subtracting Work

Chapter 16 – The Top 13 New Rich Mistakes

4-Hour Work Week Review:

The 4-hour work week is part of Tim Ferris’s brilliant collection of books focusing on minimizing the involvement you have within your business and automating the process so you can go out and live your life.  The overall goal of the 4-hour work week is pretty simple – to only work four hours in a week, the rest is entirely up to you to do whatever the hell you want. Whether its work another job, sit on a beach, travel this is the book which explains how to escape the rat race.

Now I have been listening to Tim Ferris podcasts for years…. and Tim is very detailed in nature. He is a man of details; the way in which he speaks he takes joy in going to the enth degree describing what he is talking about. This is a huge benefit when he goes to writing this book as it is pretty much this extremely descriptive a plan to escape the rat race and 9-5 jobs. 

At the beginning Tim explains his story, starting a sales job and absolutely hating it before trying to quit several times. The work was horrible and things were very inefficient and overall it just wasn’t for him. Tim then went on to create a nutrient company but this turned out to be very stressful, huge hours and an inability to exit the company as he was the key man. Tim then learnt about the Pareto Principle which says that 80% of your productivity comes from 20% of your time and 20% of your productivity comes from 80% of your time.  With that in mind Tim went about eliminating the inefficient portion being 20% of productivity in 80% of your time.

Tim eliminated any inefficient processes, streamlined the overall business model and empowered his employees so that the business became automatic.  Tim then went on a holiday and planned to operate the business from overseas on a heavily reduced workload. As a result the business not only continued to operate whilst Tim was no longer in the country, it actually grew. 

Throughout the 4-Hour Work Week book Tim references the new rich or NR who are those who that do not defer wealth to retirement but can enjoy their wealth today. Instead of slaving away on 12-hour days 6 days a week, there are opportunities through passive income to generate cash flows, which will allow you to live this lifestyle now. 

Mini retirements is another term which Tim focuses on in his book, mini retirements split up your work bursts and allows you to dip your toes in the water to see if you enjoy the retirement lifestyle. Why work for your entire life until you finally get to retire and then realize you doesn’t enjoy retirement or there are aspects of retirement you would rather change. Wouldn’t you rather test the retirement phase throughout your life making sure when it comes to that stage you understand exactly what it is you desire. 

There are four steps in the drug dealer model and they are as follows:

Step I: D is for Definition 

Step II: E is for Elimination

Step III: A is for Automation

Step IV: L is for Liberation

Make sure you grab a copy and check out 4-Hour Work Week Tim Ferris.

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