Book Review – Click Millionaires

Click Millionaires Summary: This book focuses on Internet e-commerce and has practical information for Internet entrepreneurs to establish functional websites and legitimate online businesses that will allow you to live the lifestyle you want.

Title:  Click Millionaires: Work Less, Live More With An Internet Business You Love

Author:  Scott Fox

Publisher: AMACOM

Date Published: 2012

Subject: Passive income

Pages: 288

About the author: Scott Fox is an American author and lifestyle entrepreneur who has had several jobs in his blooming career, firstly Scott was an investment bank on Wall Street, earning ridiculous amounts of money but not enjoying the work, then he went and completed a JD at Stanford before working as a lawyer and in the start up industry.  The proceeds from Scott’s books are donated back to charity. 

Chapter Layout:

PART ONE: Redesigning Your Lifestyle for Success

Chapter 1 – Work Less, Live More: Becoming a Click Millionaire

Chapter 2 – Passion vs. Profits: Setting Your Own Lifestyle Goals 

Chapter 3 – How to Redesign Your Life and Business

Chapter 4 – Click Millionaires Lifestyle Design Exercises 

PART TWO: Click Millionaires Lifestyle Business Systems

Chapter 5 – Click Millionaires Lifestyle Business Design Success Principles

Chapter 6 – Strategies to Position Yourself As a Niche Expert Online Today

Chapter 7 – The Amazing 10-Step Click Millionaires Expert Program

PART THREE: The Best Internet Lifestyle Businesses for You Today

Chapter 8 – Digital Publishing Is the Easiest Way to Start 

Chapter 9 – Publishing Profitable Email “Noozles” 

Chapter 10 – Blogging to the Bank

Chapter 11 – Making Money as a Podcaster and Internet Radio Star

Chapter 12 – Your Own (Web) TV Show 

Chapter 13 – Social Networking Communities for Fun and Profit

Chapter 14 – Easy Digital Download and Information Product Sales

PART FOUR: If You Don’t Have a Product of Your Own

Chapter 15 – Marketing and Promoting Other People’s Products

Chapter 16 – Network Marketing: The Truth About MLM

Chapter 17 – Fun, Flexible Freelancing as a Lifestyle Design Strategy 

Chapter 18 – Copycat Millionaires (and Billionaires!)

PART FIVE: How to Find Your Niche on the Internet

Chapter 19 – Collect Attention to Build a Profitable Niche Audience

Chapter 20 – The Click Millionaires Business Niche Identification Method

Chapter 21 – Testing Customer Demand Before You Waste Your Time

PART SIX: Nuts and Bolts: Building Your Business and Making Money

Chapter 22 – Click Millionaires Systems for Production and Operations

Chapter 23 – Easy Content Publishing Strategies 

Chapter 24 – The Secrets of Online Advertising

PART SEVEN: Lifestyle Lessons from Click Millionaire Internet Entrepreneurs

Chapter 25 – How to Choose the Best Lifestyle Business System for You

Chapter 26 – The 10-Step Action Plan for Redesigning

Chapter 27 – Conclusion: Winning Click Millionaires Success Strategies

Click Millionaires Review: A book with a title such as this appears very scammy and gimmicky but if you were interested in passive income and online wealth creation you would probably be use to that by now. Generally these books promise the world and severely un-deliver taking your money and resulting in the author sipping mai tais by the pool in Tahiti. 

Click Millionaires by Scott Fox, it has very detailed step-by-step plan and is very well written and grammatically correct. The concept of the book is not inspiring readers to go out and hustle hard for an overnight success, but to create slow steady growth over a long period of time. Scott advocates for working on this side hustle part time and suggests they do not need to cost very much to get started. People often go out and pay thousands of dollars for a well designed website, perfect logos, and flashy content when really all you need is clear concise valuable information. That’s it, the looks wont make you money, the content will. 

To start out all you need is a domain name, a wordpress account and some creativity. The next step is to find a niche, today the riches are in the niches. You need to find a niche and then concentrate all your efforts doubling down on yourself. After you find a niche, you then need to select a business model and then become an expert on what you are preaching. Scott includes tips, techniques and strategies in order to grow a business over time, not over night, and includes a step-by-step guide on how to do so. He uses very elegant grammar and writes in a method that makes it easy to understand. 

Hopefully by the end of the Click Millionaires book, you are able to evaluate the reasons why you want an online business and passive income and then you can build your business around the lifestyle you want, not fit your lifestyle in around your business. Most of these books are outdated when you read them, some of the books in this list are 10+ years old and the ideas they raise are no longer valid or available. However this one is different, all the ideas are still relatable and available.

Make sure you grab a copy and check out the Click Millionaires Scott Fox.

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