Book Review: Passive Income: 14 Ways to Make $5,000

Passive Income: 14 Ways to Make $5,000 a Month in Passive Income Summary:  A poor rehash of publicly available information with a catchy title.

Title:  Passive Income: 14 Ways to Make $5,000 a Month in Passive Income

Author: Eliot Tennant

Publisher: Self published.

Date Published: 2016

Subject: Passive income

Pages: 75

About the author: Eliot Tennant is an American author who has written several books on wealth, investing and WordPress.

Passive Income: 14 Ways to Make $5,000 a Month in Passive Income PDF Available: No this book is not available for free download; you will be required to purchase the book.

Chapter Layout:

Part 1 – Passive Income 101

Chapter 1 – Passive Income Explained

Chapter 2 -  Passive vs Earned Income

Chapter 3 – Dispelling the Passive Income Myth

Chapter 4 – The Feel-Good Trap

Chapter 5 -  How Long It Will Take to Make Your First $1,000

Chapter 6 – It Might Take a Portfolio of Products

Chapter 7 – Online Marketplaces: Friend or Foe

Chapter 8 – Path to a Million

Chapter 9 – What It Will Take To Succeed

Chapter 10 – Learn Before and While You Earn

Chapter 11 – Marketing Knowledge is Essential

Part 2 – Ways to Make Passive Income, Costs, and Resources 

Chapter 12 – Content Creators

Chapter 13 – Techies

Chapter 14 – Creative Retailers

Chapter 15 – Financiers

Chapter 16 – Next Steps

Passive Income: 14 Ways to Make $5,000 a Month in Passive Income Review:  

Right away I like how Eliot authenticates himself by showing the 6 different income stream sources which he generates passive income through they are – blog, book sales, affiliate marketing, YouTube, investor and through Facebook groups.  However this is one of the only things I liked about this book.

Eliot suggests that the earned income lifestyle was not for him due to the lack of flexibility that you only receive income for the hours you work and never a dollar more.

One thing Eliot speaks about is how long will it take you to generate $1,000 in passive income. For some people this could be years, it could be months, it could be days. That got me thinking how long had it taken me to generate a passive income of $1,000. According to my current calculations I generate around $2,200 of passive income a year, therefore around 6 months to generate passive income of $1,000.

Eliot then goes on to list 14 different methods of passive income broken down into content creators, techies, creative retailers and financiers. However these listed methods are only basic and come across as rewritten information from the Internet. I noted several grammatical errors and an overall feeling that this book was only out to get my money and to generate passive income for himself.

Overall I would not purchase this book again, however don't let me stop you from making your own assessment. I believe there are better books if you check out my Top 10 Passive Income Book list.