Book Review: Passive Income: 40 Ideas to Launch Your Online Business

Passive Income: 40 Ideas to Launch Your Online Business Summary:  A broad overview of 40 different ideas of generating income online!

Title:  Passive Income: 40 Ideas to Launch Your Online Business Including Blogging, Ecommerce, Dropshipping, Photography, Affiliate Marketing and Amazon FBA

Author: David J Green

Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Date Published: 2017

Subject: Passive income

Pages: 242

About the author: David J Green is an online entrepreneur and author. 

Passive Income: 40 Ideas to Launch Your Online Business PDF: No this book is not available for free download, you will be required to purchase the book.

Chapter Layout:

Chapter 1 – Blogging 

Chapter 2 – Amazon FBA

Chapter 3 – Photography

Chapter 4 – Ebook Publishing

Chapter 5 – Peer to Peer Lending

Chapter 6 –  Videography

Chapter 7 – Domain Flipping

Chapter 8 – Social Media Manager

Chapter 9 – Forex Trading

Chapter 10 – Online Ecommerce Store 

Chapter 11 – 3D Printing 

Chapter 12 – Graphic Design 

Chapter 13 – Vlogging 

Chapter 14 – Ghost Writing

Chapter 15 –  Virtual Assistant

Chapter 16 – Google Adsense

Chapter 17 – Affiliate Marketing

Chapter 18 –  Shopify

Chapter 19 – Listicle Blogging

Chapter 20 –  Online Courses

Chapter 21 – Internet Marketing

Chapter 22 – Amazon Affiliate (Associate)

Chapter 23 –  Drop Shipping

Chapter 24 – Research Assistant

Chapter 25 – Content Provider

Chapter 26 – Online Lead Generation

Chapter 27 – 3D Animation and Modeling 

Chapter 28 –  Social Media Influencer

Chapter 29 – Online Brand Strategist

Chapter 30 –  Youtube Videos

Chapter 31 – Commodites Trading

Chapter 32 – Cryptocurrency

Chapter 33 –  Online Auction

Chapter 34 – Programming

Chapter 35 – Mobile App Development

Chapter 36 – SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Chapter 37 – Online Survey

Chapter 38 – Online Consultancy

Chapter 39 – Website Flipping

Chapter 40 –  Online Subscription Service

Passive Income: 40 Ideas to Launch Your Online Business Review:  

It seems like every single passive income book starts off with the sentence are you tired of the 9-5 lifestyle? I wish I could say this was different but it isn’t.  To begin with this book lists 40 passive income ideas in which you can generate income online (not necessarily passive), launch that particular business and then move towards passive income from it. It contains a lot of income streams which you can generate online however it misses plenty too.  

I would say that for the most part these are not really passive and the author does forget that at times. I would say passive income is dividend investing via a buy and hold strategy and not online consultancy where you have to perform a lot of work (not passive at all). However I can see that these could be put on auto pilot once you have things very well established. To do this you would still need to maintain the creation of content or time into the streams in order to make sure they continue to generate income. This can be outsourced though if you want.

For some streams of income there is plenty of detail as to what they are and how they can be achieved but there are also some that are lacking in content and just seem to be filling the pages. For me if there was the top 10 best income streams and more detail went into those 10 and it stepped you through exactly how to generate the income then that would be more advantageous to someone. Now you have to go do even more research if you want a more thorough answer. 

My favorite chapters of the Passive Income: 40 Ideas to Launch Your Online Business book include SEO as I feel this is the flavor of the month and listicle blogging was a new one that I hadn’t seen before. 

The readers actually have to start putting in effort once they read this book, it is not enough for people to just read this book and then think straight away it will tell you the secret of making money online. You need to put in some serious work and effort into making these things work. 

Make sure you grab a copy and check out Passive Income: 40 Ideas to Launch Your Online Business David Green.

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