Book Review – The Millionaire Fastlane

The Millionaire Fastlane Summary:  In this book MJ DeMarco highlights the major flaws in the usual path of wealth accumulation. This process takes 40 years and by the time you accumulate your wealth you are to old to enjoy the riches you have acquired. There is however another way.

Title:  The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime!

Author: M. J. DeMarco

Publisher:Viperion Corporation

Date Published: 2013

Subject: Passive income

Pages: 338

About the author: MJ DeMarco is an American author and founder/CEO of a global limo based transportation marketplace before he sold out to a PE firm in 2007. 

The Millionaire Fastlane PDF: No this book is not available for free download, you will be required to purchase the book.

Chapter Layout:

Part 1 Wealth in a Wheelchair: “Get Rich Slow” is Get Rich Old 

Chapter 1 – The Great Deception

Chapter 2 – How I Screwed “Get Rich Slow”

Part 2 Wealth is Not a Road, But a Road Trip

Chapter 3 – The Road Trip to Wealth 

Chapter 4 – The Roadmaps to Wealth

Part 3 Poorness: The Sidewalk Roadmap

Chapter 5 – The Road Most Traveled: The Sidewalk

Chapter 6 – Has Your Wealth Been Toxified?

Chapter 7 – Misuse Money and Money Will Misuse You

Chapter 8 – Lucky Bastards Play the Game

Chapter 9 – Wealth Demands Accountability

Part 4 Mediocrity: The Slowlane Roadmap

Chapter 10 – The Lie You’ve Been Sold: The Slowlane

Chapter 11 – The Criminal Trade: Your Job

Chapter 12 – The Slowlane: Why You Aren’t Rich

Chapter 13 – The Futile Fight: Education

Chapter 14 – The Hypocrisy of the Gurus

Chapter 15 – Slowlane Victory … A Gamble of Hope

Part 5 Wealth: The Fastlane Roadmap

Chapter 16 – Wealth’s Shortcut: The Fastlane

Chapter 17 – Switch Teams and Playbooks

Chapter 18 – How the Rich Really Get Rich

Chapter 19 – Divorce Wealth from Time

Chapter 20 – Recruit Your Army of Freedom Fighters

Chapter 21 – The Real Law of Wealth

Part 6 Your Vehicle to Wealth: You

Chapter 22 – Own Yourself First

Chapter 23 – Life’s Steering Wheel

Chapter 24 – Wipe Your Windshield Clean

Chapter 25 – Deodorize Flatulent Headwinds

Chapter 26 – Your Primordial Fuel: Time

Chapter 27 – Change That Dirty, Stale Oil

Chapter 28 – Hit the Redline

Part 7 The Roads to Wealth

Chapter 29 – The Right Road Routes to Wealth

Chapter 30 – The Commandment of Need 

Chapter 31 – The Commandment of Entry

Chapter 32 – The Commandment of Control

Chapter 33 – The Commandment of Scale

Chapter 34 – The Commandment of Time

Chapter 35 – Rapid Wealth: The Interstates

Chapter 36 – Find Your Open Road 

Chapter 37 – Give Your Road a Destination

Part 8 Your Speed: Accelerate Wealth

Chapter 38 – The Speed of Success

Chapter 39 – Burn the Business Plan, Ignite Execution

Chapter 40 – Pedestrians Will Make You Rich!

Chapter 41 – Throw Hijackers to the Curb!

Chapter 42 – Be Someone’s Savior

Chapter 43 – Build Brands, Not Businesses

Chapter 44 – Choose Monogamy Over Polygamy

Chapter 45 – Put It Together: Supercharge Your Wealth Plan!

The Millionaire Fastlane Review:  In the Million Fastlane book, MJ identifies three lanes, which explain the financial tendencies of everyone. There is the sidewalk, the slow lane and the fast lane.

The sidewalk – people are spending way more than they can. They have are spiraling out of control with car leases, huge rent for their fancy condo and apartment, and nowhere to go.

The slow lane – well educate people who save 10% of your income and invest it, you continue to do so over 50 years and you end up with a million dollars when you are 70. At the age of 70 you can start to spend your money.

The fast lane – those who can get rich whilst before they reach and age where they are restricted in how they can spend their money. You can go travel the world when you are young, you can enjoy go to nice beaches and walk mountains before, spend time away from home all without needing to constantly get check ups from your doctors on a weekly basis. 

Through out the book you will identify several themes, continuous learning is important, MJ loves his Ferraris, hence the name the fast lane, you need ambition and desire, financial literacy is important. 

Overall the mindset of the fast lane says time is the most valuable asset we have, knowledge is power, money is everywhere, only use debt to help grow your money making machine.

This book is more of guidance on life – not trying to sell a product, or show you how to make money through investments, just broad general advice which you can take on your journey. It is very inspirational and details the hard work which is required, its not about a 4 hour work week, it is about absolutely hustling.

There are similarities between other passive income books, being rich dad poor dad, and think and grow rich meaning do what rich people do.

You need to switch from being a consumer to being a producer, this is very relatable, I feel that all I do in my day prior to starting is consume. I consume videos, podcasts, music, images and nothing of this is my own.   

MJ is a straight shooter, no bullshit. Getting rich quick happens very frequently people sell the patent, people sell their company, people make songs which hit the top charts, athletes sign a big contract, an info product you created gets a world wide following. Getting rich easy does not. L

Make sure you grab a copy and check out The Millionaire Fastlane M. J. DeMarco.

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