Book Review – The Passive Income Playbook

The Passive Income Playbook Summary:  This book lists out ways in which the reader can start generating passive income however it is not very well polished and lacks genuineness.  

Title:  The Passive Income Playbook: The Simple, Proven, Step-by-Step System You Can Use to Make $500 to $2500 per Month of Passive Income – in the Next 30 Days

Author: Raza Imam

Publisher: ?

Date Published: 2018

Subject: Passive Income

Pages: 124

About the author: Raza Imam is an author who has written several self-published amazon books. Raza has written on topics including health and mindfulness. It appears Raza has started publishing his novels in 2016. 

The Passive Income Playbook PDF: No this book is not available for free download, you will be required to purchase the book. 

The Passive Income Playbook Review:  Overall this book touches on the right topics however it has a number of mistakes through the text, which really detract from the substance of the book. It appears that this book is not quite finished and just went to print without having been reviewed by an editor or publisher. From a quick review of the Amazon page it appears Raza plans on re-editing this book to bring it up to scratch.  There is some interesting content in here, but nothing, which is really new or exciting, and it comes across that the only reason this book was written was to be marketed and to generate a few sales himself.  

Overall I would not recommending purchasing The Passive Income Playbook, however I would recommend waiting for the revised version and then potentially investing that. 

Please note Raza has also converted this book into a smaller version called the Passive Income Playbook Cheat Sheet, however I suggest hold off on this as well till they both get revised.

Here is the link for the book if you want to give it a chance

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