Book Review – The Six Figure Second Income

The Six Figure Second Income Review:  This book provides a plethora of side hustle income ideas and the practical steps on how to implement them and create the six figure second income.

Title:  The Six Figure Second Income

Author: David Lindahl and Jonathan Rozek

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc              

Date Published: 2010

Subject: Passive income 

Pages: 242

Six Figure Second Income PDF: No this book is not available for free download, you will be required to purchase the book.

About the authors: David Lindahl is a highly accomplished real estate investor with more than 7,000 apartment units across the United States. He is the owner of Londahl Group and the Bostonanian Investment Group.  Jonathan Rozek is a financial service guru with twenty years in financial services and an accomplished author.

Chapter Summary:
Chapter 1 – You can get rich – but yes, there is a catch

Chapter 2 – How to build a quick and profitable product 

Chapter 3 – How to create content cheaply and easily 

Chapter 4 – Getting open for business 

Chapter 5 – How to get people to raise their hands 

Chapter 6 – How to turn prospects into buyers

Chapter 7 – Relationships equal revenues 

Chapter 8 – The secrets to an upward profit spiral

Chapter 9 – The “I” factor

The Six Figure Second Income Summary:

When you first read the title, instantly you think scam right? And I’m not sure why they decided to call it this- but nonetheless some of the content in this book is very important and powerful. I feel there would have been more credibility with a different title.

Overall the concept of the book is information based products and how to sell them online. Now originally this book was published in 2010 and therefore seems ahead of the curve on information-based products, as now in 2018 with the rise of udemy and shopify and all these other mediums which make it easier to sell our information based products. 

Information products can be very broad; it can be an online video course on the correct way to peel a pistachio nut to how to search engine optimization on your red bubble products. It can be as detailed or holistic as the creator wants. There is a large mark up on information products, you do not have to ship the products, downloads are instant, make it once and then post online and it is available for sale. 

The book is intentionally written to be a conversation-based approach.

For me the key takeaway is this – a doctor will only get paid when he turns up to work and sees patients, a sportstar is only paid for the games which they play. If they don’t play or they don’t see patients they wont get paid. However when you create an information-based product, you take your time and create something of value, which you do not get paid for your time. Then you post it online and wherever you are in the world, whatever you are doing you can be making sales. Once its online all you need to do is market your products.

The Six Figure Second Income book explains some common myths which people often say when they aren’t putting in the effort to make these products -I am too young, I am too old, I don’t have enough time. 

Overall the marketplace will not care about whatever excuses you make up, they just want an information-based product, which is clear, concise, and provides the information it claims to be. 

You can get rich… but there is a catch. 

Make sure you grab a copy and check out The Six Figure Second Income

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