Book Review – The Ultimate Passive Income Guide

The Ultimate Passive Income Guide Summary: This book was designed to assist a complete beginner to generate passive income. It details all the common mistakes and cuts straight to profitable passive income streams. 

Title:  The Ultimate Passive Income Guide: Analysis of the 10 Most Reliable & Profitable Online Business Ideas

Author: Michael Carter

Publisher:Amazon Digital Services LLC

Date Published:  2018

Subject: Passive Income      

Pages: 126

About the author: Michael Carteris an American author. 

The Ultimate Passive Income Guide PDF: No this book is not available for free download, you will be required to purchase the book.

Chapter Layout: –

The Ultimate Passive Income Guide Review:  

The Ultimate Passive Income Guide is a big claim! And I think that Michael has gotten somewhat close to being the Ultimate, but has not quite hit the mark. I am always skeptical when the author titles the book the “ultimate” guide, it just seems like they are trying to use it to make sales when really there are much better guide out there already which don’t need to use the word ultimate to get sales. There are some very useful examples of how someone can start generating passive income including blogging, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, ecommerce, Amazon FBA, and self-publishing. Michael is able to write this guide in a very informative manner and has a few unique suggestions on generating passive income, whilst also touching on the standard methods that are more and more mainstream.

There is a disclaimer, that comes with the book, which I really liked, this is not a get rich quick book, and passive income takes time and effort. If you are after the latest get rich quick scheme then this is not for you. 

Most books on this topic that are published by Amazon are simply copy and paste of similar books and a bit of fluff and that’s about it.  This has a bit more substance to it and gives realistic examples and step-by-step advice on how to start.

For me the key take away from The Ultimate Passive Income Guide book is that you need to be able to spend hours working on your income stream. This isn’t something that is just going to happen overnight, having some creative flair and ideas will certainly help but it is not required. 

One of the things which I look at when I review these type of books are, is it worth the money I spent on purchasing the book.  If you purchase the paper back it costs 

$14.95 USD, and there are some useful points here which make the book worth the money you spend. 

Make sure you grab a copy and check out The Ultimate Passive Income Guide Michael Carter.

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