Passive income – Red Bubble!

So are you guys interested in learning how to generate passive income through Red Bubble? Well you have come to the right place. As I can explain in detail exactly how to generate passive income through Red Bubble. 

RedBubble Passive Income

Full disclaimer here is that no you don’t have to be creative but you do have to work hard towards getting that first sale. If you don’t have creativity on your side, then there are two ways that you approach it – 
1) Bulk volume of uploads 
2) Research popular areas and only upload designs that you think the market wants based on your analysis. 

First let me start with my story.  On the 1stDecember 2018 is when I first started creating designs for Red Bubble. My first few designs were horrible and they were poor illustrations about zombies, fish, and Christmas related items. I thought these would sell well and I was right, but I just didn’t have the level of creativity and finesse in order to make the designs work. I would compare my work with something that I wanted to design and my design was freaking hideous. They all sucked and were never going to sell, so cut my losses with those designs, saved them on my laptop and they will never see the light of day again. Important lesson here is make sure you learn what works and what doesn’t work, if you spend 500 hours trying to make zombies and they still look hideous don’t keep just going, try and change things up by going to a lesson or watching some YouTube videos on how to draw. 

I then realized I do not have an ounce of creativity in my body. That’s when it came to me that I can use a text based design to me advantage and that way I can play to my strengths and ignore my weaknesses. Text based designs are pretty simple and you can easily pump out without much effort. Regardless of the level of work involved people still like text-based designs and they still sell like hotcakes if you can get the right design. A text based design for those people who don’t understand can be as simple as putting the word – BABE on a plain white t-shirt in black bold letters. Someone out there would love that design and would wear it around. It is that simple. 

RedBubble Income

Here is where the work begins – between the 20thDecember and January 21stI created 2,498 text based designs. To do this I hustled hard, really hard.  I remember staying up to 5am in the morning creating these designs. I was running on coffee instead of water and I could feel my body start to break down. But I punched them all out and now on my computer I have these designs all saved and I can realistically upload them to any t-shirt based print on demand website and I don’t have to spend all the time in preparing the designs again – they are all there for me. By the end of January 21stI had all of my items ready to upload and then went about the task of uploading these items to Red Bubble.  Uploading was just as arduous as the creation phase, however the upload interface of Red Bubble is do much better than any other print on demand website out there. 

My first sale was on 14th December 2018 for one of the few initial products I left on my account.  I remember writing about it and saying this is the best day ever and I wanted to pop a bottle of Chandon. This was my first ever sale online and the first time I had ever been rewarded for my effort online. It was the start of a landslide. For those people who have actually made money online and received cash into their account for online work – it is something remarkable. My whole life I had only ever received work for the time spent at a place, and never for work online. It really changes your perception of money and there are some massive flaws in our system. 

I remember reading a quote in MJ DeMarco’s “The Millionaire Fastlane” – which goes something like extraordinary is not achieved through the mediocrity accepted by our society and the opinions powering them. It pretty much means that if you want to be extraordinary you need to ignore our society and the trap which it is. I feel this is incredibly relevant here. 

I digress, over the next few weeks I uploaded more and more of these designs until they were all uploaded. Every single one of the 2,498 designs were on my red bubble site. This took a longgggg time and I spent many nights just uploading till I reached my max uploads which felt around 500 per day – not quite sure of the RedBubble upload limits but that is what it felt like. 

I also had a keyword excel generator in which I could just copy and paste the keywords I found which were the most searched items. This led me to what I think was my first problem. I am fairly sure the keywords which I was using had instances of copyright included in them, for example if the keyword I decided to use had the word of a famous celebrity or tv show often that was copyrighted and would get me in trouble. The designs would get picked up by the review team but then were always allowed and sales could be generated through them. Refer to the tips for success for more information. 

So then I started making heaps of sales but the problem was they were only stickers. Some of the stickers would only make me around $0.50 so I decided to crank up the commissions which I received from this process so make sure that every single time my phone would beep with a sale that I knew it would be for at least $1AUD.   I think 90% of my sales were stickers and I had no problem with that, however you would need to sell about 5 stickers to earn the same commission as you would on a t-shirt. Just keep that in mind as the stickers sell incredibly well, and they were all to the US market where stickers must be absolutely on fire at the moment. Kids must be covering everything with stickers!! 

Then on my last day before my account got suspended for “robot activity” I made $10 AUD in sales. This was big, I knew I could generate around $10 a day which would have been 365 * $10 = $3,650 of income to me.  For the last 4 weeks I have been trying to get my account back from RedBubble but the customer service is really difficult and you just feel like you get absolutely no where. I would be better walking into the head office and asking to speak to someone then dealing with the chat function or sending emails which I am pretty sure are just going straight to the rubbish bin. 

Passive income ideas

Anyway so that is my store with RedBubble.  I have since tried other print on demand sites including Society6, Threadless, Printify etc but they have just not been the same as what RedBubble was. The following are key Tips, which I would suggest to run a successful RedBubble, store:

  • Make your store look good, put in all the pictures, all the text, give plenty of description about yourself what you do and what your designs are. 
  • Make sure you put in every single detail on all your products, and use all the keywords you can 
  • Don’t use keywords that will cause your account to banned, if you mention a celebrities name that will get you investigated.
  • Be aware that all this time you spend on red bubble you are relying on a system that is outside of your control. They can take away your account at any time and you can lose everything. Keep this in mind, as it is crucial. 
  • Some items just don’t sell so don’t bother with them. I only ever sold, t-shirts, stickers, and books. Most of the other items never sold. You can just cut your losses and focus on the products that you know will sell. 

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