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If you have ever wondered how to make a little passive income through Society6 then this is the article for you! 

What is Society6?

Society6 is a print on demand based website where customers can log on, find a design on a wide variety of apparel items and purchase it online. It then goes to the Society6 printers where they print out the design on the purchased item and ship it out. The good part for people with creativity is that they can upload their own designs and people can buy them earning the designer a profit.

What types of profits are to be made?

There are default profit margins on each type of item that Society6 sets for you, however you can change them if you want (not all items you can change the price for). I generally focus on sticker sales as I have just found that they sell far more often than the other items.  So on a sticker that sells for $4.00 you received $0.40 profit that is around 10%. Not that great but when you are able to sell a few stickers a day for nothing that really does add up for nothing. No risk, 100% passive income. The hard part is getting designs that sell regularly. Once you start to see one or two sales go through you know you are onto something and you just have to extrapolate your technique to reach a broader market and to get more sales.  Below is an extract of a sale I made on a small sticker generating $0.40. This amount gets paid into your paypal account at the end of the month. 

Here is another extract of a Art Print so you can identify the rough margins you make on a sale. I think the margins are better on RedBubble, however Society6 margins are still acceptable. The margins below are $1, $2, $3 and $4 on a sale. You can crank these prices up if you want. 

Steps to make passive income:

To make passive income through Society6 you need to follow this five step process, which are:
Step 1 – Create a Society6 Account 
Step 2 – Start making designs
Step 3 – Upload designs 
Step 4 – Tweak the product details
Step 5 – Sit and Wait 

Step 1 – Create a Society6 Account 
Once you click on this below link, all you need to do is create a username and email address and you are done for step 1. You will also need a Paypal account to sign up and Society6 takes $1 to establish this facility.

Step 2 – Start making designsFor this step you need to start getting a little creative, jump onto your design software and start creating designs. Your designs can be anything and everything, cartoons, text based, photography, paintings etc. You should make sure your designs are the right pixel size to upload in order to get quality printouts. Please read the required size before making the design, as I don’t want you to make this amazing design then upload the product and for you to find out it wont accept the design due to the pixel count not being high enough. Generally as a rule the higher the pixel count the better. 

Below is an extract of a simple text based design on Photoshop – note the transparent background design, the grey check background turns put see through when you print it out. Whereas if you have a white background, the design with have a white background instead of see through. 

Step 3 – Upload designs Once you have you create your design, make sure you save it as a png if you still want that clear background. Then on your Artist Studio page you need to click Add Art Post. Then it will come up with a page where you can just drag your design into or click on the page and the file selection screen will pop up. 

Select the file you want and click upload! Once it uploads just type in the details of the file name, the keywords you want and a description of the product. The keywords are important, if you accurately prepare the keywords then your designs will be easier to find when you search certain words. Think carefully about the keywords, but also note you can change these at a later date if you are not happy with the keywords you selected. 

Step 4 – Tweak the product details
Once the product is uploaded and you are on the screen that shows Create Products you then can select the products which you want your design to be on. The product types include:
Wall Art
Home Décor
Pillows & Bedding
Stickers & Stationery
Outdoor & Lifestyle

For my particular design I turned the sticker design from off to on. You can go into each product type move the design around till its perfect, change the margin, update any comments, that you want included. Once you are happy with it all then you click publish and you are done. 

Step 5 – Sit and Wait 
After it is all uploaded, then you just need to sit back and wait for the sales to come in.  If you want to try and promote your products you can create a Pintrest, Instagram and Facebook account and post your new products onto your accounts so that you get views.  You can create facebook advertising campaigns, instagram advertising campaigns all to push people to your new products and to generate the sales. 

So that is pretty much the process to start generating passive income through Society6. This process looks pretty easy on paper however it really can be a fair bit harder in practice. Uploading your designs and creating the designs are quite easy; the hardest bit is getting the sales and recognition for your hard work. But you will never make a sale without trying. Good luck and let me know how you go!!! 

Also there are other Print On Demand websites which you can concurrently use in addition to Society6. Please look at my RedBubble Passive Income article to understand how to generate passive income through RedBubble.

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